Teapot / Vase (part 2)

I added the feet today to the pot I made yesterday (see previous post).

The shape I am basing it is on this teapot on the far left.  That is a stoneware that was gas fired to cone 10 and covered with an all over iron oxide decal pattern that I designed.

This new vase/teapot is bigger, but once it dries, and once its fired, it will be roughly the same size.

I plan to try to duplicate (as much as possible) the same firing in my home electric kiln. This is cone 6 stoneware clay. It will fire to a buff brown with dark speckles … then I will apply the iron oxide decals.  And like the version on the left, it will not be glazed.

I still have to form the handle and the spout and the lid. So I had better get busy.

Thanks for stopping by! — Natalie

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