The Wait Is Over

I meant to post these yesterday when they got out of the kiln but I never got a chance.

So here they are … the beads that were in the kiln from my last blog post. 

I got to see my granddaughter briefly yesterday. She’s just started her 4th week of life. The last three weeks have flown by.  Soon, before I can take a good deep breath, she will be half grown then full grown. 

That’s how it is with children.  Suddenly it seems as though they skipped childhood and went straight to adulthood … even though there were times when they were little that I thought I’d never have a spare moment all to myself unless I was using the potty (and sometimes not even then), lol.

But I digress … um, back to the beads … I did have a lot of fun making them, but I don’t foresee myself making more of these unless I go on another trip. Each one takes a lot to make and I have to let my hands rest in-between.

I’ll be putting these in my etsy store this week sometime (in-between seeing the grandbaby and all of that yummy grandparent stuff).  I’m going to put them in there as sets of 1, 2s, 3s, and so on.

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