Vacation … Well Sorta

I took most of April off.  I didn’t use the kiln much. I didn’t list much. I didn’t create much.  Instead I concentrated on my daughter who had our first grandbaby and my son who had been diagnosed with moderate melanoma on the same day she gave birth. It was bittersweet that day.

However, everything turned out fine.  My daughter gave birth to a 9 lb 3 oz perfectly healthy baby girl and my son learned a couple of weeks later that the melanoma had not spread to his lymph nodes as it usually does at that stage.

Happy Joy Joys abounded …. Deep sigh of relief … thanksgiving prayers up to God … some quiet time to absorb it all …  and of course time to get to know Ruby, who by the way is the cutest baby in the entire known civilized and uncivilized world.  She smiled at me on Monday and that smile was so big that it took my breath completely away and my eyes swam in tears to where I couldn’t see her anymore. I had to wipe them away and as I did, she gave me another smile. There aren’t enough descriptive words in the English language for for that kind of happy.

 Saturday I had my friend, Lolly, over. I showed her how to lampwork beads and she showed me how to make a bezel.  Oh my … what fun!

We are continually learning from our small bi-monthly workshops at each others’ houses.  We had been quite mystified about soldering copper. It seemed that the copper had heated up fine, the solder melted and then the pieces would come apart. 

I finally kept googling copper and found that as a metal it has to fire hotter than the other metals.  What this meant escaped both of us, but we experimented and she found finally the answer!  Copper requires HARD solder, not easy, which is what we had been using previously.

Mystery solved.  So if you decide to play around with copper and solder it, just remember: use HARD solder.

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6 thoughts on “Vacation … Well Sorta

  1. Glad things are settling down, I cannot imagine how scary that would be as a mom…and a grandbaby has to be the best!
    This piece is beautiful, looks like a great job!

  2. Wow, it seems that you have been on an emotional roller-coaster! I feel for you. I am glad to see that you have been able to find joy in the mix. I love your bezel. Thanks for sharing the hard solder tip. I have been wanting to try my hand at soldering copper, and it is great to know, I can at least avoid one of the challenges in the learning process. Thanks!

  3. Thanks! That was very scary but the grandbaby, oh wow, she is the absolute best. Everyone says its the best gig in the world and it really is!

    The ceramic insert is not completely flat on the back and so it rocks very slightly in the bezel, but it's mine so, shrug, I'll do better next time. 🙂

  4. Bittersweet indeed, but more sweet at the end seems like. Sending you love and hugs. And yay for little girls! That piece above Natalie is beautiful! WIshing now that things get back a little back to normal for you and yours. xoxo

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